The Art of Projecting Dreams on Steel

Turkey's best mold manufacturer, where SMC-BMC, Plastic Injection, Purge and Blow mold production is realized with 35 years of experience.



With 35 years of experience and 100% service quality

Mold design

Mold design is made in SolidWorks program using sample data and processed on CNC machines using WorkNC program. It is delivered after being subjected to tests after assembly.

Reverse Engineering

If the product requested by the customer does not have 3D data, the product is scanned and 3D data is created. Necessary improvements and revisions are made in the design.

Product Design Support

The final product design is created by editing or re-creating a pre-prepared 3D data in line with the customer's request.

About Us

Our company, which started its operations as AKM mold in 2010, produces SMC (sheet molding compuant) - BMC (Bulk Molding Compuant) - Plastic Injection - Pultrusion and Blow Molding molds.

Since our establishment, we have targeted 100% customer satisfaction and expanded our customer portfolio with our meticulous productions. Thanks to our quality productions, we have served to leading companies.

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Product types in our production line

SMC & BMC Mold production

We provide the highest quality workmanship, especially in the automotive and electrical panels and infrastructure sectors, with special techniques used in the production of SMC-BMC molds, the main material of which is resin and glass fiber, which is a mass production technique made by using filling materials and other additives.

Plastic Injection Mold production

We carry out our work with fine workmanship, burr-free product production and precision in other details in mold production in the sizes and quantities required for plastic injection, which is a common mass production technique.

Pultrusion Mold production

We provide the production of pultrusion molds required in the pultrusion drawing method, which is the most suitable production technique for continuous production in profile type products in polyester molding.

Blow Mold production

We can reach the desired result quickly with fine detail and delicate workmanship in blow molds produced with aluminum molds.

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